Monday 2 May 2016


Last week we had the 6th CSC Teesside Team Tournament, which was deservedly won by Sacred Heart, ahead of 14 other teams.

The best format for a team tournament with lots of teams and very little time is the system using Jamboree Pairings. This system ensures all players get a game (or, in our case, two games) and that all of the teams play against an equal number of other teams.

In can be complicated and definitely requires preparation. We usually have the host school put an extra team or two on standby to fill in for any teams who pull out very late on or do not show up at all. Without such reserve teams, the formula for the pairings simply would not work as it would result in some players obtaining byes, which would be unfair on everyone else.

One good thing is that the formula can be generated to cater for virtually any number of teams, featuring why number of players, over any number of rounds.

Usually we have the teams draw their own team letter randomly at the start of the event, but with 15 teams we thought it best to save time for this year's tournament and do the draw beforehand. 

To ensure an unbiased draw, Tereza Pribanova of the CSC, who was on Teesside for the Barclaycard Training Day, was entrusted with the duty.

More information on Jamboree Pairings - including a very useful spreadsheet facility - can be found here.

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