Tuesday 29 September 2015

In Their Own Words (6)

''I started chess when I was seven. I liked to dominate the people I was up against. I think chess is quite a big game to learn. I enjoyed the tournament when it was York. I got three points and I won a rosette.''

Libby (10)

''I enjoy chess because you learn new tactics to dominate your opponents. Chess is a logic game. You really have to think. It's fun.''

Olaf (10)

''I started chess at the age of eight. From that day forward I love chess. I play with my brother every day. I went to a competition with the school.''

Hamshithaa (11)

''I like chess because it is a challenging and skillful game. It makes you smarter and you can play it no matter what age you are.''

Leon (10)

''I like chess because it has lots of competitions and lots of prizes. It is very calm and fun to do.''

Kaif (10)

''I enjoy chess because it is a fun, tactical and strategic game in which one decision could get you in check. I play this game also because it's a fun relaxing game and takes my mind to something else.''

Hamis (10)

''Chess is a fun board game. It tests your mental strength and makes you concentrate. I really like chess because it spends your time and it is a lot of fun. So if you get in a tournament it will be memorable and challenging. It will also be lots of fun learning about different pieces and moves like skewers and pins. Chess is enjoyable and memorable because you can think ahead - and win or lose! Have some fun!''

Charlotte (8)

Monday 28 September 2015

In Their Own Words (5)

''I like chess because I love how you need to be able to push your skills and test them to see how good you are.''

Alex (10)

''I enjoy chess because it's fun and easy. You can participate in competitions. I enjoy playing lightning chess where you have 10 seconds then you hear a beep and you move.''

Katie (9)

''Chess is a lovely game. If you like challenges or problems chess is the thing for you. Chess is easy to learn; you will pick it up in a flash. I love chess so much because it is so much fun.''

Lili (9)

''I like chess because it makes you think outside the box. My best moments were coming third in the team tournament, being Best Girl in the U-11 Teesside Individual Championship and the first time I came into the class and instantly thought - I'm going to love this!''

Caitlin (10)

''I LOVE chess! Because of the brilliant Mr Marsh telling weird but wonderful jokes. I also love winning a game. My absolute favourite playing piece is the queen! I LOVE CHESS!''

Thea (9)

''The thing I like about chess is it's a complicated but fun game. The most memorable moment of chess is when I won a game by one point which I got at the last minute! Chess makes you concentrate and is also a calming game.''

Erran (9) 

''My best memory is at the Yarm tournament because I thrashed a boy in chess and his face went bright red and he stormed out of the hall crying!''

Shino (9)

''I think chess sis a very tactical game and you always need to be on the ball. I like chess because you have to be quiet and you have to win.''

Charlie (9)

''I like chess because you make friends and it makes you concentrate. My best memory of chess is beating my dad.''

Samuel (10)

''I like chess because it is interesting and fun. My best memory is when I went to Yarm School. My best place to play chess is in my room and downstairs with my family.''

Rebecca (9)

Sunday 27 September 2015

In Their Own Words (4)

''My favourite piece is the queen because it can move anywhere it wants.''
Cole (Aged 10)

''I enjoy chess and I played in the UK Chess Challenge at my school. Furthermore, I played Pirate Chess where you can take the king.''
Mia (10)

''I like chess because all the pieces have got got amazing movements and it's all about your tactics and the way you play.''
Harrison (10)

''When I am older I want to play in chess tournaments and win them. I am already good at chess.''
Kelesha (9)

''I like chess because I like competitive games and chess is one of them.''
Leon (10)

''My favourite piece in chess is the knight because it is always last on the board.''
Billy (9)

''I like chess because it is full of ideas to take your enemy. My favourite person is the rook.''
Memphis (9)

Wednesday 23 September 2015

In Their Own Words (3)

''I like chess because it is fun and I am really good at it.''
Nathan (8)

''Chess is fun and I play at home with my dad. I can teach my sisters and mam how to play too.''
Olivia (8)

''I enjoy playing chess because you can play against your friends. I also like playing mini-games and teaching other people. I enjoy solving chess problems using skewers, forks and pins.''
Isobel (8)

''I enjoy chess because you can play against your friends and teach other people. I also enjoy playing mini-games like Crusher Chess. You can learn pins, forks and skewers.''
Emilia (8)

''I like chess because it's fun. You get to learn about all the different pieces in chess. Whoever wants to join the chess group is welcome. Just visit the CSC!''
Henry (8)

''What I like about chess is it is fun because there are different mini-games like Crusher, Lightning and Pirate Chess! I like to play against my friends as well!''
Jessica (8)

''I like chess because it's fun and you have to think.''
Oskar (8)

''I enjoy chess because it is fun and I like to crush Oskar!''
Jake (8)

Tuesday 22 September 2015

In Their Own Words (2)

''When you play chess it improves your smartness and then you get to play in competitions. You have fun playing with your friends and at the end of the day it is just a game.''
Adhi (aged 9)

''I like chess because it makes me feel clever in front of my friends. Chess is very difficult and I enjoy having a challenge.''
Avanish (7)

''I enjoy chess because I like the meaning and the point of it and how the pieces move. It is a good game.''
Ben (7)

''My brothers played chess when they were little. I am going to follow their steps in life, to try and win every game that I play.''
Freya (7)

''Chess is a mind game because you have to think.''
Oscar (8)

''I like going to chess coaching because you can learn to beat other people and be good at chess.''
Ollie (8)

''I like chess because it can make you cleverer and it's like war but fun. You can do lots of special moves - like castling.''
Sara (9)

Monday 21 September 2015

In Their Own Words

I am currently collating the thoughts of our CSC Teesside children and will be presenting their words of wisdom here on a regular basis.

''Chess makes me feel determined; like I have to fend for my own kingdom. When I win, I practice to be perfect; when I lose, I practice to get better.''
Parul (aged 10)

''I enjoy chess because I really like to enjoy a friendly challenge. Playing reminds me of the people who are very good at chess, like Magnus Carlsen.''
Yusuf (8)

''I enjoy chess because it cheers me up, as I usually win my games.''
Henry (8)

''Chess is a mind game. You need to be patient. I play because I like it when you can see a good move and it is fun even if you lose - and it helps academically.''
Luke (10)

''Chess is a great way to portray your strategic talent and a great way to get your brain working. Chess is also a time to play with all ages and it helps you in many other subjects!''
Shrish (10)

''I like chess a lot because it is a very logical game and makes my brain think. My dad encouraged me to play more often. Now I feel more competitive and it has helped me in maths.''
Jasmine (11)

TFM Radio Interview

Hannah Smith of TFM Radio interviewed me about CSC Teesside at Brambles Primary Academy last week. Different parts of the interview were played over the course of several hours on TFM on Thursday.

Tuesday 1 September 2015

The Mission of the Blog

This new blog will feature news, results, photos and features all about the activities of the Teesside branch of Chess in Schools and Communities.

It is anticipated that a considerable amount of the feature material will be written by the children involved with CSC Teesside.

Between now and the end of the school year 2015-6 there be a substantial amount of material on here.

Stay tuned for further updates...