Sunday 15 May 2016

In Their Own Words (10)

The return of our series collating the spontaneous chess thoughts of our juniors...

I like chess because it is great fun and I have learnt a lot about it. Now I know what all of the pieces are called; there are pawns, queens, kings, knights, rooks and bishops. I also like chess because Mr Marsh is very funny, kind and helpful if I'm stuck on a move.

Jasmine (10)

The best thing I like about chess is all the quizzes that we do in the morning because they are hard and fun to do. We also learn new moves. I liked the competition because we had to concentrate and it was great fun.

Jenny (10)

What I like about chess are the tactics like skewers and forks. It's real fun and I wish we had it every day. My favourite move is pawn promotion.

Zack (10)

I like chess because it's a very competitive game and nearly all my relatives play it or have played it. It is also a very popular game amongst family and friends. Another reason I like chess is that most of my friends can play, so we can play together.

Ruby (10)

I enjoy chess because I found Mr Marsh a lot of fun and he always cracks me up. I also find chess fun because I like to see my opponent's moves. I like to find new tactics and moves. It also helps bond with your friends.

PS: Please tell Mr Marsh to stop with his jokes.

Caleb (10)

I like chess because it helps me learn coordinates and understand them better. It is also a lot of fun. Chess has also got me socialising with my family a lot more. I've also been able to get more confidence in my speaking for my shows because I've been teaching my family to play chess.

Faye (10)

I like chess because my brother, Dad and Granddad play it so I try to play against them. I also like it because you can have so many different type of sets. I like my little chess set. To play chess you need to be strong-minded, a strategist and most of all determined. Chess can be hard but if you lose it will help you get better.

Ella (10)

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