Thursday 30 June 2016

Broadway at Brambles

CSC Teesside's Brambles Primary Academy today played host to 14 chess players from Broadway Junior School for a day full of chess activities. Broadway's journey was part-funded by funds made available from the Angus Lawson Memorial Fund.

Broadway, based in Sunderland, have been utilising the First Move chess programme throughout the current schools year and this was the first time the have tested their strength against players from another school.

There was already a strong connection between the two schools. Lisa Hastie helped me set up chess at Brambles back in 2011 and when she moved to Broadway, chess soon followed.
I had two very enjoyable chess days at Broadway, back in October and April. A third visit is scheduled for July.

The first task for the 28 children was to find a partner from the other school. The little teams of two then had to solve a tricky word search puzzle, which certainly broke the ice.

We then studied numerous checkmate patterns together on the demonstration board before the children were given six position to solve in a written test.

Games of the Ultimate King Hunt and Maharajah brought us to lunchtime.

After the break, we selected two captains and split the players into two teams. Each team had an equal number of children from Brambles and Broadway.

It was a tough battle, but Team 2 eventually emerged victorious!

Thank you, everyone. It was a wonderful day and one we are keen to repeat next year.

Wednesday 29 June 2016


Here's a FAB chess set for you!

You need Brains to play this game.

Find out more by clicking here.

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Barclaycard Lightning

Last week at Brambles Primary Academy we introduced Barclaycard volunteer Mr Shelton to the delights of Lightning Chess.

Moves must be played after a mere ten seconds of thought, which ensures players will concentrate more on what is happening on the board.

Mr Shelton, a long-term volunteer and a Brambles favourite, clearly enjoyed the rule that allows kings to be captured if they fail to escape from check.

Monday 27 June 2016

In Their Own Words (16)

My favourite part of chess is going to competitions and winning medals. I also enjoyed going to Barclaycard.

Freya (9)

Chess is the best game I have played. Do you have chess at home? Have you all enjoyed teaching your family?

Jake (9)

Chess is a game to improve your concentration. Also it takes skill and concentration.

William (9)

Chess is a fun game that you will always be in the mood for. I'm sure everyone might like a bit of chess.

Matthew (9)

I enjoyed going to Barclaycard because I won against an adult. The best game I played was when I played my friend and I won in four moves. The first game I won was when I was seven.

Elisia (9)

Chess helps me, because it builds up my memory, so when when we are in class I can remember what we've done. Also it helps if you know all the moves, because if you have a board at home you can play chess.

Charlie (9)

Chess is the best game ever in the world.

Tallern (9)

Sunday 26 June 2016

In Their Own Words (15)

It is great fun and you have lots to learn. Playing people all over the world would take skill and a smart brain.

Christopher (10)

Chess is my favourite board game because I love solving problems and puzzles. Although it can be hard at times, it is a good brain exercise for me. It is a lot of fun with our chess teacher. He is so funny!

Frank (10)

Chess has helped me improve my concentration.

Daniel (9)

I like chess because it is inspiring. Also, I like it when I win. Chess is a very powerful game. I play it with my friends and family.

Gideon (9)

Chess has taught me a lot of things and helped me beat people I can't beat at other things. I have learned a lot of things through our chess teacher. I feel like I am improving my chess skills and stepping up, getting closer to the Megafinal. I am learning more than I thought.

William (10)

I like chess because it gets my brain working. Also I like chess because it is a good activity to play. Some time I play really good. I've been to three chess tournaments in different schools. A couple of weeks ago I played different people at a tournament in my own school. It was a good day. 

Dylan (9)

Chess is a good for your brain. It is good to play when you are bored on a rainy day. It is very good to play chess because not everybody likes playing out.

Harvie (8)

Friday 24 June 2016

ALMT: Ings Farm Stars

As previously mentioned, funds from the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust have enabled CSC Teesside to provide a number of chess items for our chess players in the Gifted and Talented category.

Today I presented books to three G&T chess players at Ings Farm Primary School.

Finlay has been a strong player for two years and has many chess successes to his name. His most recent achievement was to qualify for the Manchester Gigafinal.

Charlie dominated his class at Ings Farm this year and scored highly at both the Teesside Megafinal and Teesside Individual Chess Championships.
Eleanor has worked very hard throughout the year and played exceptionally well in a number of tournaments. Last weekend she shared the title of Under-9 Teesside Girl Champion. The second book in the photo is one of her prizes from that event, for which she waited very patiently as we did not have quite enough to present on the day!

Wednesday 22 June 2016

5th Teesside Individual Chess Championships Gallery: Prize Giving

We conclude our coverage of the 5th Teesside Individual Chess Championships with a gallery from the prize giving ceremony.

In addition to the main trophies, we also presented books, medals and certificates to the main prize winners and everyone received an attendance certificate plus a chess badge (books, medals and badges courtesy of the CSC).

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the tournament such a success: players, teachers, parents, Yarm School (and Johannes Grundmann in particular), controllers Richard Harris and David Smith. 

The Yarm School tournaments will return early in the next school term.

All photos © Johannes Grundmann, unless otherwise stated

Photo © Sonia Coates
So many prizes...some people I might mention needed three photos to capture the lot!
Photo - and the next two - © Sean Marsh