Monday 28 October 2019

New International Chess Challenge

Now we are halfway through the first term of the new school year it is time to start a new international chess challenge.

Richard Catterall of Hutt International Boys' School in New Zealand has emailed the first move from their Class 7S to me which I have played against the Year 5s at The Links Primary School in Eaglescliffe.

Their opening move was the very traditional 1 e4.

The Links have now replied with 1 ...e5, which is one of the best and most popular replies, so the game is now underway.

Hutt International Boys' School (New Zealand) v The Links (England)

Further updates will soon follow.

Meanwhile, the first game between Yarm Senior School and Hutt International Boys' School has now concluded.

This was the position just after Yarm played 16 Qe2. See this earlier post for the preceding moves of the game.

Yarm Senior School (England) v Hutt International Boys' School (New Zealand)
The position is winning for White and Black managed just a couple more moves before conceding the game.

16 ...Nc6

17 0-0-0 a6

18 Nf4

...and Black now resigned (1-0). White is almost a full queen ahead and Black's defeat is inevitable.

A return is now underway and we will catch up with the action in the near future.

Thursday 17 October 2019


Today we ran trial chess sessions at the River Tees Multi-Academy Trust ('RTMAT') in Middlesbrough.

The Multi-Academy Trust provides education and support for learners who are not currently accessing mainstream schools.

We engaged with children of various ages from Primary to Secondary and also enjoyed seeing numerous members of staff getting to grips with our mini-games. 

There was plenty of healthy competition to be seen, especially in the games between the pupils and the teachers.

Headteacher Leanne Chilton participated in the sessions and played plenty of mini-games too.

We were made very welcome throughout the school, especially when the tea and chocolate appeared.

Thank you to Leanne, the staff and pupils for a fine day of chess and special thanks to Catherine Lloyd, who bravely acted as chess assistant for the day.

We are now awaiting feedback and if the day is judged a success we fully intend returning for more.

Tuesday 15 October 2019

CSC Training Day Tour 2019-20: New Dates Added

We have been busy with the CSC Training Day Tour calendar and it is now time to announce some new venues and dates for 2019-20.

CSC courses are aimed at teachers, teaching assistants, parents and anyone involved in school chess. No teaching or chess playing experience is required to attend.

Dates and details for Slough, Manchester, London, Hull, The Isle of Man, Newcastle and Leeds can be found here.

More dates will be added in due course.

Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge 2020 - Entry Now Open

The 2020 Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge is now open for business!

I have sent the information to all of our CSC Teesside schools but any school can enter, whether or not they are part to the CSC.

Teesside has supported this magnificent series of tournaments from the start and we are delighted to continue to do so.

The games in our schools will start early in the Spring term.

Head here for further details.

Wednesday 9 October 2019

CSC Training Day Tour 2019-20: London

The first date on 2019-20 CSC Training Day Tour took me back to London; specifically, to Hammersmith's Irish Cultural Centre, one of my homes-from-home.

Our training room offered plenty of art, lots of tea and a very pleasant view.

Chris had just returned from Brussels a few hours before we started but he still made it to Hammersmith to deliver the opening of the day in his inimitable style.

As usual, we had an excellent range of delegates, all of whom brought something special to the day.

Matt Piper helped me all day and he enjoyed some mini-games too

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the opening date of the new tour such an enjoyable occasion.

More dates of the tour can be found here. The details for further dates in London, Hull, Newcastle and Leeds are already known and should be on the site very soon too - and more dates are currently in preparation.

Sunday 6 October 2019

25th Yarm Team Chess Championships: Gallery

Following on from our earlier report and results, we now present a gallery from the day.

All photographs in this gallery are @ Johannes Grundmann unless otherwise stated.

Tournament helper Mrs Lloyd and I are thinking of becoming newsreaders
Photograph © Sean Marsh

Jessica's cakes were a particularly popular part of the day
Photograph © Sean Marsh