Monday 29 April 2024

CSC Training Day Tour 2023-24: Belfast Debut

Our latest CSC Training Day was one of our most ambitious to date, on a par with our pre-COVID expeditions to the Isle of Arran and the Isle of Man.

Paul O'Connor did all of the spade work, finding sponsorship for 18 excellent delegates, sorting out the venue and providing everything Catherine Lloyd and I required to be able to deliver the training day.

This very special day was sponsored and supported by Radius Housing and Lisburn Chess Club, 2RA, Yallaa Café, and Belfast City Council Community Engagement and was also part of the 2024 Belfast Festival of Learning.

I cannot improve upon the report already written by Karina Campbell, who attended the day and had her blog already updated while Catherine and I were still on our way back to Teesside. 

Therefore, I will present a pictorial record of the our extraordinary three days instead.

Meanwhile, plans are afoot to build on our initial success in Northern Ireland and updates will follow in due course.

Thank you, Belfast!