Tuesday 10 May 2016

Teesside Megafinal: Thank You

For the final instalment of our Meagfinal reports I would like to thank everyone who supported the event either by playing, helping on the day or by encouraging the players in their own schools.

Special thanks to Yarm School for bravely hosting this record-breaking event.

Thank you also to the people who helped to set up the chess sets on the morning of the event, turning this...

...into this.

This was the main hall. We used two other school classrooms too.

The control team of CSC Tutor Richard Harris and former CSC Tutor David Smith worked admirably all day but the hardest working person, as always, was Johannes Grundmann, who managed everything outside of the actual playing hall and even managed to find time to bring refreshments to the control team!

We do not yet know if there will be another Megafinal on Teesside. Some feedback indicated that the Teesside option was not as favourable as the York option. However, generally speaking, feedback was very positive indeed.

Meanwhile, the Gigafinalists will know that an even tougher challenge lies ahead as they ponder a trip to Manchester. Incidentally, in addition to the coaching package advertised yesterday, CSC will have their own tutors on duty in Manchester and coaching from their own experts will definitely be available.

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