Thursday 7 December 2023

CSC Training Day Tour 2023-4: A Classic Training Day

The latest leg of our 2023-4 CSC Training Day Tour brought a return to London and a new venue in the form of Marylebone Theatre, Rudolf Steiner House - a place of many features and lots of stairs.

Our day tied in very nicely with the 13th London Chess Classic, which is proving to be one of the most exciting of the famous series, with a significantly high number of decisive results.

Matt Piper and I were very pleased to be able to work with an excellent set of delegates - 15 in all - on a day full of chess activities.

We also had three special guests from CSC Head Office: Malcolm Pein, Chris Fegan and Matt Read.

Here are a few captured moments from our busy day.

Chris Fegan addressing the delegates

Malcolm Pein entertaining the audience with a chess puzzle

Thank you, everyone, for helping to make the day such a great success.

Here is Malcolm's chess puzzle.

White to play and checkmate Black in two moves

Our forthcoming tour dates can be found here.