Tuesday 31 May 2016

From the Archive (13)

Our Under-9 and Under-11 Cleveland Schools' Chess Association county squads enjoying a reception and presentation at Middlesbrough's Town Hall.

Monday 30 May 2016

In Their Own Words (13)

I like chess because I get to compete against my friend and I have fun. I have my own glass chess set at home so I can play with my Dad.

My favourite type of chess game is Pirate Chess because it's easier to win. It's easier to lose at normal chess.

Chloe (10)

My best bits about chess are getting people in checkmate, playing with your best friends and Mr Marsh teaching us. My worst bit about chess is losing when you get checkmated.

Callum (10)

I enjoy chess because I'm not that bad at it and I sometimes win and sometimes I don't, but it doesn't matter about winning or losing; it matters about having fun and taking part.

I remember when I was playing chess with my friend and we drew. He was so funny because he kept taking his own piece.

Liberty (10)

I like chess because it is very entertaining and you can try to challenge yourself. I love the Megafinal because you need to see if you can win. Mr Marsh is our nice teacher who teaches us chess, who is cool.

Poppy (10)

I like chess because I beat my sister all the time. She is good but not that good.

Liam (10)

I like chess because you learn lots of moves to kill the other side.

Briogan (10)

I like chess because it is fun and I like the challenges we have. Also I like playing with my friend, although I usually lose. My favourite piece is the Queen.

This thing I dislike is losing but practice makes you better. Chess is the best!

Emily (10)

Friday 27 May 2016

Park End Primary School Training (4)

The fourth Training Day at Park End Primary School took place yesterday and continued the great work of the previous three days.

This particular day produced a certain theme, as evidenced by the first two photos...

Soon we were getting stuck into...mini-games

The theme again...
The Gents wrote down the score after each game
Competitive. 'Hey - you can't do that!'
'Can he...?'
Once more - the theme emerges...
Make yourself at home, why don't you!
Moving around the room just like Rooks and Bishops

The Queen!
A walk around her subjects.
The theme!
1 e2-e4 - a very good opening move.
OK - last picture of 'the theme'.

Thank you, Park End, for a truly memorable and excellent week.

The experiment will continue after half-term with a fifth and final Training Day!

Thursday 26 May 2016

Park End Primary School Training (3)

Today brought the third day of our experiment as we trained another large group of school staff in the basics of chess.

Fun from the first mini-game onwards.
The glare!
Friendly rivals.
One could hear a pin drop.
Playing on over the tea break! Great biscuits though.
A brave volunteer, moving like a Bishop.
'Will that be a good move?'
A Rook walks around the room.
Can one Queen defeat eight pawns?
The pawns are marching...
The Queen heads back to block them.
Speaking of Queens...here's one who
enjoyed exercising her tremendous powers.
All around the room - regally.
I wonder who won this game?
Taking notes during the game!

Playing with all of the pieces is hard work.
Still lots of smiles though.

And what did we find in the school hall...?

Giant chess, as utilised by 'the people who went yesterday'!

Will this chess madness never end??

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Park End Primary School Training (2)

Our experiment continued at Park End Primary today.

The task - to train every member of staff in the basics of chess!

Mini-games with pawns...

Mini-games with a Bishop vs. pawns...
A Bishop, moving around the room, being careful not to vary from diagonals.
A particularly fancy Bishop move!
Presumably a victory!
A Rook moves around the room.
Straight lines only, please!

Which piece should move...? Where...? Who will win...?
The Queen about to start her journey around the room.
There must have been an interesting move on this board!

''These belong to meeeeeeee!''
What is the opponent analysing...?

We had a lot of fun again today. Can the third group keep up to the standard of the first two...? We'll see!