Tuesday 24 May 2016

In Their Own Words (12)

The thing I like most about chess is that it has been around for many years so most family members have played it, so you can play against them. It is also fun and is good for entertainment when you're bored. Many tactics are also learnt from chess, some are even useful in life.

Playing in competitions also teaches you a lot of things, like team work (if you are working in a team) and many strategies. It's also fun playing in competitions because if you lose you can learn from your mistakes and from what the other person did. 

Mr Marsh also tells really bad jokes which are somehow fun.

Grace (10)

I like chess because of the pieces and how they move around the board.

Also I like how quick it is to set it up. I also like Pirate Chess and Crusher chess.

Simon (10)

I like chess because it makes my brain think about hard challenges. It's also very fun working with Mr Marsh; he makes me laugh and he's very good at teaching chess. I like learning about the names of the pieces and my favourite piece is the Queen, because she's very powerful and she can move around the board, anywhere.

I play chess at home. I sometimes win and I sometimes lose but I still really enjoy playing against other people.

Ruby (10)

Chess is really fun and a lot of people think it's simple but it's not, because you can get special moves like a fork and castling.

In chess you can get tournaments and other similar thing to have a little more fun.

Will (10)

I like chess because it is one of my favourite board games and I like winning and going to the final.

I'm proud of myself because I won most of my games and only lost twice.

Thomas (10)

I like chess because it's fun and relaxing and sometimes challenging. You learn how to be quiet and you don't get told off. It's the best board game ever.

It's not that hard; it's really good for your knowledge. It's a time to do no work.

Tabitha (10)

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