Friday 27 May 2016

Park End Primary School Training (4)

The fourth Training Day at Park End Primary School took place yesterday and continued the great work of the previous three days.

This particular day produced a certain theme, as evidenced by the first two photos...

Soon we were getting stuck

The theme again...
The Gents wrote down the score after each game
Competitive. 'Hey - you can't do that!'
'Can he...?'
Once more - the theme emerges...
Make yourself at home, why don't you!
Moving around the room just like Rooks and Bishops

The Queen!
A walk around her subjects.
The theme!
1 e2-e4 - a very good opening move.
OK - last picture of 'the theme'.

Thank you, Park End, for a truly memorable and excellent week.

The experiment will continue after half-term with a fifth and final Training Day!

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