Thursday 26 May 2016

Park End Primary School Training (3)

Today brought the third day of our experiment as we trained another large group of school staff in the basics of chess.

Fun from the first mini-game onwards.
The glare!
Friendly rivals.
One could hear a pin drop.
Playing on over the tea break! Great biscuits though.
A brave volunteer, moving like a Bishop.
'Will that be a good move?'
A Rook walks around the room.
Can one Queen defeat eight pawns?
The pawns are marching...
The Queen heads back to block them.
Speaking of's one who
enjoyed exercising her tremendous powers.
All around the room - regally.
I wonder who won this game?
Taking notes during the game!

Playing with all of the pieces is hard work.
Still lots of smiles though.

And what did we find in the school hall...?

Giant chess, as utilised by 'the people who went yesterday'!

Will this chess madness never end??

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