Thursday 20 July 2023

Throston Honour

We were honoured to be invited to Throston Primary’s end of year Award Assembly this afternoon.

Richard Harris, who is retiring from chess tutoring after more than a decade of excellent service, was the proud recipient of a special award.
Throston, who have been one of our CSC curriculum schools since day one (back in 2010) always go the extra mile for chess.

Mr. McMorris (the school’s chess coordinator) and Mr. Atkinson (Throston’s exceptional Headteacher) are also in the pictures.

Thank you, everyone!


Two CSC Teesside tutor retirements in one day!

Mr. Harris and Mr. Cassidy are both standing down after many years of active service.

They will be greatly missed.

Tonight’s riotous send-off involved skewers, forks, unfeasibly large pavlovas and some room-clearing jokes which cannot be repeated here.

Chess tutor Catherine Lloyd was there to celebrate the occasion, as were Nicky Britton and Micaela Harris, who somehow forgot to smile in the group photograph.

Both of the retiring tutors will be greatly missed (although Mr. Cassidy will take his place on the substitute’s bench and may well see more action next year anyway - and, of course, he will continue with the Stockton Library sessions).

Thank you, gentlemen, for your combined service of nearly two decades.