Monday 16 May 2016

In Their Own Words (11)

I love to do chess because it is peaceful, calm and fun. There's so many combinations of chess I like. I do chess often because it is challenging in all sort of ways.

Erica (10)

I like chess because of the skills and ether concentration it takes. I also like it because it is different to other board games.

Lucy (10)

I like chess because it's fun and I like to have a challenge. Also most of my family can play and I like to play because it's always quiet so I can relax at the same time. But most of all I like to play with my friends to see how good they are and to challenge them. I also like our chess teacher Mr Marsh as he's really funny!!

Ashton (10)

What I enjoy in chess is that you can really play chess and also imagine what it will really be like on a real battlefield, or near a castle. Also the best thing about chess is it makes you concentrate a lot.

Harrison (10)

I like chess because it is a way to express your mind, because there are a few other games like Pirate Chess and Lightning Chess. I also like that it's up to yourself what move you do when it's your go. I also like the look of the pieces and the names of them. My favourite piece is either the knight or the pawn. An amazing thing about chess is that you can make your own game and no-one will ever have the same idea as your own game.

Lienna (9)

I like chess because it's a tactical, thinking game and you're kind of using maths for the coordinates. It's also a kind of waiting game. Chess is fun because it's like a battle between Black and White. It's also fun because you can be better than someone else but the person that's not as good can still win.

Fimlay (9)

I like chess because it is very interesting and it gets my brain working as it should. I also like chess because our chess teacher, Mr Marsh, is very funny and tells some good jokes. My favourite part in chess is playing my friends because if I lose they can help me by their actions in the winning game. My best piece in chess is the queen because it moves in various ways.

Jessie (9)

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