Sunday 12 November 2023

CSC Training Day Tour 2023-4: A Great Day in Hull

The annual CSC Training Day in Hull proved to be another fine day in the fabulous city.

Isaac Acheampong and the excellent team at the Hull Central Library always make us feel very welcome and we had a wonderful set of delegates.

Jo Hutchinson was the official assistant for the day and she did a lot of the preparation too, all of which helped to make the day such a great success. In fact, the day would not have gone ahead without Jo's admirable endeavours.

Isaac also addressed the delegates at the start of the day and Chris Matthews, the local CSC Regional Organizser, did the same towards the end of the day.

As always on our training days, we worked on many topics, including the CSC curriculum, mini-games and a discussion on the benefits of chess.

The special room we use 'also holds a significant collection of books about Napoleon, based on the collection assembled by John Wilson Smith, a local fish merchant, from whom the collection was purchased in 1958. The collection was added to until the 1980s, though only English language material was purchased' according to this document

It certainly is an extremely impressive collection and anyone wanting to research Napoleon and his life should take note of the facility.

I always feel very at home in Hull and would like to do more in the city. Consider me open to offers.

Thank you, everyone, for a very enjoyable event (and more thanks to Isaac for bringing three fans to our room to counter the full-on radiator effect, which had pushed the temperature to an extraordinary 30°C).

Here are some captured moments from the day.

Three Ducal Coronets - 
the famous Coat of Arms for Kingston-upon-Hull

I wonder who won this game?

It is always great to be reunited with Jo

Chris Matthews addressing the delegates

'Maybe two knights, Josephine?'