Thursday 12 May 2016

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The photo shows the Under-11 Cleveland Girls' Team of 1994.

We played twice in that category. In 1993, we travelled to Brean Sands, to play at one of the Pontins sites. Our usual bus companies wouldn't touch the trip without an overnight stay, due to legalities requiring drivers to spend a significant period of time away from the wheel. We couldn't afford to stay overnight as all of the money we raised was spent on buses for our county teams (Under-9s, Under-11s, Under-11 Girls, Under-13s, Under-18s and Under-18 Girls).

After lots of digging around I eventually found Rainbow Coaches, who agreed to everything.

We set off from Stokesley at 5.00 a.m. on the Saturday morning and arrived back at midnight. I was usually fortunate enough to find a group of people to go along with my crazy schemes. I would always commit to an event and then find a way to do it afterwards.

In 1994 the team had a shorter journey when they travelled to Bugbrooke. They played very well.

The article is my original report from the Teesside Herald & Post.

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