Wednesday 25 May 2016

Park End Primary School Training (2)

Our experiment continued at Park End Primary today.

The task - to train every member of staff in the basics of chess!

Mini-games with pawns...

Mini-games with a Bishop vs. pawns...
A Bishop, moving around the room, being careful not to vary from diagonals.
A particularly fancy Bishop move!
Presumably a victory!
A Rook moves around the room.
Straight lines only, please!

Which piece should move...? Where...? Who will win...?
The Queen about to start her journey around the room.
There must have been an interesting move on this board!

''These belong to meeeeeeee!''
What is the opponent analysing...?

We had a lot of fun again today. Can the third group keep up to the standard of the first two...? We'll see!

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