Thursday 20 June 2019

Teesside International Women’s Invitation Chess Championship: The Tournament

The day of the tournament was finally here!

Great excitement was in the atmosphere when the five players assembled at The Links Primary School for the first-ever Teesside International Women’s Invitation Chess Championship, supported by the English Chess Federation.

CSC tutor Sean Cassidy, the king of Stockton chess and library chess supremo, helped throughout the day and one of his most important jobs, apart from helping me make the tea and coffee, was to play the spare player in each of the five rounds.

Three rounds in and we took a break to enjoy an excellent Links lunch.

After many a tough chess battle, Agnieszka took the title and the trophy.

Congratulations to all of the players and thank you very much to Mrs Daly and the wonderful staff at The Links who made the event possible.

The day's chess was by no means over. It was to refuel and then head off to The Buffs Chess Club, where another challenge awaited...

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