Sunday 16 June 2019

8th Teesside Individual Junior Chess Championships Report

The 8th Teesside Individual Junior Chess Championships attracted over 100 entries from a  plethora of schools and clubs.

There were great battles for honours in all four sections, with some big surprise results and lots of excellent concentration and determination shown throughout the busy day.

We even managed to order the sun for the day, despite it making only brief appearances over the last couple of weeks.

Yarm Preparatory School hosted the tournament yet again and the school's staff made everything ready and everyone welcome.

A gallery will follow soon, but today we present the official results.

We never use tie-breakers or play-offs to decide our titles. Shared places simply means we award more trophies and medals.

Everyone received a certificate for attendance and all players finishing in the top three places in each section also received a special certificate to show their place.

As I keep on saying, titles, trophies and medals are all very well but they are never the main point of our tournaments. The most important aspect is that everyone takes part, enjoys the day and comes away with some ideas of how to improve their play.

Well done, everyone!


=1st Regan Krishnamoorthy, Arvind Kumar, 4/5

=3rd: Anjali Ramisetty, Miguel Moreno 3.5/5

3/5: Alexander Thompson

2.5/5: Akansha Mendis, Daisy Ridsdale

2/5: Matilda Downey, Ciara Winters

1.5/5: Leila-Mae Gordon, Alfie Frewin

Absent: Annabelle Pears-Robinson


=1st: Natasha Pointon, Oliver Hamilton, 5/5

=3rd: George Hall, Noah Coulman, Bryn Boswell, Ben Whitwell

3/5: Lucy Cartman, Vinh Han, Sonny Weeks, Rowan Arya, Minu Palat-Meethale, Taylor Dale, Jessica Lloyd, Jack Wilkinson, Daniel Howell, Katie Middleton

2.5/5: Jordan Hodgson, Isla Butterfield, George Forshaw

2/5: William Hassack, Frank Smith, Edie Redhead-Sweeney, Jacob Bandeira, Archie Axtell, Isabella Schofield, Isla Horlock, HW, Lucas Mosley

1.5/5: Kelsey Hall

1/5: Isabella Smeaton, Olivia Hutton, Ewan Paul, Chloe Lodge, Lucas Howie (withdrew ill after two rounds)

0/5: Avighna Arvind, Silvia Saul (withdrew after one round)

Absent: Joel Mota, Freddie Mackenzie


1st: Aditya Paul, 5/5

=2nd: Avanish Batra, Tenuk Mendis, Farrell Scott, Freya Costello, Faith O'Hagan, Aryan Nalawade

3.5/5: Isobel McGlade

3/5: Bobby Salt, Hannah Thomas, Kate Howell, Isabel Kelly, Oliver Lowery, Mustafa El-Sherif, Harry Charlton, Olivia Hensby, Benjamin Dodgson, Sabeeh Qureshi

2.5/5: Jason Howie, Kaitlyn Bowes, Niamh Sidgwick, Isaac Gowland

2/5: Lily Cox, Hannah Allen-Ayre, Thomas Bashford, Aidan Bainbridge, Adam Paul, Joseph Machin, Cleo Piercy, Edward Lamb

1.5/5: Lawrence Wilson

1/5: Adam Smith, James Goodall, Sam Hebbron, Gabriella Saunders, Taylor Pearson

0/5: Shlok Arcot, Regan O'Brien

Absent: Olivia Griffiths


1st: Gautam Sathyamurthy, 4.5/5

2nd: Alfie McMonagle, 4.5

3rd: Saisparsh Sidaginamele, 3/5

2.5/5: Vignesh Janakiraman

2/5: Eleanor Whitwell, Alice Sturman

0/5: Keyah Shah

Absent: Sophia Kusterer, Evie Harbisher

Summary of the 2019 Teesside Champions


Boy: Regan Krishnamoorthy and Arvind Kumar

Girl: Anjali Ramisetty


Girl:Natasha Pointon

Boy:Oliver Hamilton


Boy: Aditya Paul

Girl: Farrell Scott, Freya Costello and Faith O'Hagan


Girl: Eleanor Whitwell, Alice Sturman

Boy: Gautam Sathyamurthy

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