Friday 7 June 2019

CSC Training Day Tour 2018-9: Middlesbrough

Following successful tour dates in London (several), the Isle of Arran, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle, Hull and Leeds, the penultimate date of the school year brought me back home to Teesside.

We were very pleased to be able use the excellent facilities at the Middlesbrough Community Learning Centre once more. The extremely friendly and helpful staff always give exactly the s
ort of impression one should expect from Teesside.

Each of the delegates brought their own unique skills and talents to the show. They ranged from teachers to club players; from parents to translators. Each person was united by the desire to learn more about teaching chess so they could go on to make a difference.

The delegates worked hard on a variety of mini-games and other exercises. The mini-games always sound simple when first introduced, but when delegates play them they are drawn fully into the action.

Of course, when it comes to playing real games of chess, some players are always going to be better at tactics than others. Here is Nick, showing how to fork a king and queen.

We had a fine day and it was fabulous to work such keen and wonderful people.

Thank you, everyone!

Now the CSC Training Day Tour of 2018-9 is almost over and there is just a single date remaining. Back to London we go...

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