Monday 13 May 2019

International Chess Challenge: New Moves

Both games in our International Chess Challenge were becoming interesting when we last saw them.

We now have an update on the moves.

Yarm Senior School v Hutt International Boys' School

White's last move was 10 Bxf4. Play now continued...

10 ...f6

11 Nd3 Bxf4

12 Nd3xf4

Pacing Black under pressure. 13 Nxc7+ is a big threat.

12 ...d6

Note how the black queen protects c7 from the knight fork.

13 Nxh5 Qf7

The black queen does not find a happy square and now White can force a material advantage.

14 Ndxf6+ Kf8

15 Nxf7 Nxf7

16 Qe2

The advantage is definitely with White and Black must hope for some big mistakes.

Meanwhile, over in the other game...

Park End Primary v Hutt International Boys' School
 White now put the king into safety with...

4 0-0

Black replied with 4 ...Nge7, preparing to do the same. Once both kings are safe the action will intensify.

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