Thursday 16 May 2019

Chess In The Park 2019

Various circumstances prevented me from continuing Project Scotland this term. I missed seeing my friends and witnessing the continuation of various projects in which I was involved during 2018.

Last April I was there to present chess equipment to the Fountain Cafe in Edinburgh, to help their Chess in the Park community activity. I would have loved to see Chess in the Park make its opening moves of 2019. Maybe next year I will be there for 2020's launch...

Fortunately, the great Colin Paterson, who helped me considerably during the various parts of Project Scotland, was on hand to support the event and he sent me a number of excellent photographs of the day.

All photographs in this report are © Colin Paterson.

Colin's day of chess started before he even reached the park!

It must have been a cold April day for the launch of Chess in the Park 2019, but that certainly didn't deter people from attending.

Thank you, Colin!

More updates on Project Scotland will follow soon.

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