Tuesday 7 May 2019

Teesside Megafinal 2019: Results

The Fourth Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge Teesside Megafinal took place on Sunday 5 May and attracted just under 150 entries from 22 different schools and clubs.

We were fortunate indeed to have the Princess Alexandra Auditorium for the third consecutive year. The auditorium attracts lots of big-name acts each year (Leo Sayer will be there on Sunday, for example). The facilities are excellent and the staff magnificent.

Once again there were titles for boys ('Supremo') and girls ('Suprema') in all sections from Under-7 to Under-18.

All Supremos, Supremas and players who scored 3.5/6 or more have now qualified for the Gigafinal stage of the challenge, which can be entered via the UKCC website as soon as the relevant facility goes 'live.'

Here are the results from our very busy and enjoyable day.


5/6: Arvind Kumar (Supremo on tiebreak), Rehan Krishnamoorthy

4/6: Harry Chapman, Joseph Davies

3.5/6: Anjali Ramisetty (Suprema on tiebreak), Freja Cooke, Annabelle Pears Robinson, Matthew Ward 

3/6: Akansha Mendis, Daisy Ridsdale, Frankie Savage, Ruby Lloyd

2.5/6: Kai Garner, Sydney Rose McKittrick

2/6: Theo Charles, Imogen Prior

1.5/6: Alexander Thompson

Absent: Lacey MacSween


4.5/6: George Forshaw (Supremo on tiebreak), Rowan Arya, Jack Foster

4/6: Olly Bruce, Archie Axtell

3.5/6: Fenton Longworth, Flynn Gorton, William Foster

3/6: Aisling Timmons (Suprema)

2/6: Jack Ford, Ava Jo McClurg, JJ Hepburn, Hollie McFarlane


5.5/6: Vinh Han (Supremo)

5/6: Natasha Pointon (Suprema), Zachary Green, Noah Coulman

4/6: Caiden Day, Lucas Howie, Lucy Cartman, Jack Wilkinson, Ben Whitwell

3.5/6: Oliver Hamilton, Sonny Weeks, Taylor Dale, Cody Hodgson

3/6: Oscar Edwardson, George Hall, Lucas Jordan, Hannah Weid, HW, Ava Norris, Katie Middleton

2.5/6: Jessica Lloyd, Seth Myer, David Reidy, Angel Baxter, Ben Francis, Luca Smith, Isla Horlock, Callum Clegg

2/6: Robyn Durdan

1.5/6: Abigail Doherty, Izzy Watkinson, Sophia Moran

1/6: Ella Turner, Liam Boon

0/6: Callum Smith (withdrew after three rounds)

Ruby Hodgson, Alex Campbell 


5.5/6: Aryan Nalawade (Supremo)

5/6: Harry Charlton

4.5/6: Isobel McGlade (Suprema), Cody Braithwaite, Harvey Canwell

4/6: Sabeeh Qureshi, Aditya Paul

3.5/6: Hudson Galloway, Harrison Keegans, Ewan Flynn, Lucas Adamson, Amy Steel, Amonique Allen, Richard Kensey, Alfie Hopwood, Arthiga Rajeev

3/6: Lewis Fryer, Kaitlyn Bowes, Isobel McKinnell

2.5/6: Alex Smith, Charlie Heath

2/6: Jessica Nicholson, Cleo Piercy, Isobel Wilson, Anthony Durdan

1.5/6: Chloe McKinell, Olivia Rose Griffiths, Evelyn Southern

1/6: Dolly Williams

0/6: Jacob Smith (withdrew after two rounds)

Absent: Elissa Scott, Elliott Laycock 


5/6: Avanish Batra (Supremo on tiebreak), Ajay Selvan

4.5/6: Tenuk Mendis

4/6: Freya Costello (Suprema), Jacob Howie

3.5/6: Hannah Thomas, Alex Gray, Grace Crawford

3/6: Hannah Allenayre

2.5/6: Aaron Owen Thomas, Isabel Kelly, Ella Field, David Daw

2/6: Tahlia Smith, Grace Wilson, Joseph Ford

1/6: Harry Ward (withdrew, ill, after four rounds) 

Over-11s (Combined section)

5/6: Alfie McMonagle (U-15 Supremo on tiebreak), Morgan French, Yusuf Syed (U-12 Supremo)

4/6: Ben Fulton (U-13 Supremo), Gautam Sathyamurthy

3.5/6: Benedict Francis 
(U-14 Supremo), Dimitir Schwartz-Hall, Ellis Anderson, Vignesh Janakiram

3/6: Aishani Paul (U-14 Suprema), Alice Sturman (U-12 Suprema), Saisparsh Sidaginamale

2.5/6: Evie Harbisher, Ella Francis

2/6: Sam McGreal, Darragh Reid, Oscar Thomas, Jamie Kelley

1/6: Callum Thornton

Absent: Brad Best 

Withdrew before tournament: Lili Szasz, Anna Szasz, Eleanor Whitwell, Luke Nargol

Two galleries will follow over the next two days, followed by some concluding thoughts.

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