Saturday 11 May 2019

Teesside Megafinal 2019: Final Thoughts

This year's Megafinal saw an increase of entries from 120 to just under 150.

Megafinals are big events and there is a need to manage expectations and keep every achievement in context, which is an aspect we work very hard on at our schools.

Most of the children will face their toughest-ever games and it is important to prepare them for the moment.

We have a particular ethos at our Teesside events, designed to enable the children to enjoy the experience without feeling too much pressure.

I was very pleased to see this ethos in action again this year and every child became a better player after Sunday's event, no matter how many points they scored.

Thank you to everyone who played their part in making the day such a success, including my very hard-working friends Johannes Grundmann, Mike Pointon, Richard Harris and Sean Cassidy, the magnificent Yarm School staff, all of the parents, guardians and teachers, Sarah and Alex of the UKCC for their faith in Teesside and, most of all, the amazing children.

Tomorrow I will post details of our next Teesside junior tournament, so stay tuned...

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