Tuesday 10 April 2018

Training Day Tour 2017-8: Return to Edinburgh

My previous expedition to Edinburgh had gone very well indeed and plans were quickly made for a return trip.

The centre piece of the new expedition was a series of four training courses at the Edinburgh Chess Congress.

Additionally, I was there to talk to as many people as possible to plot further chess development in Scotland and to present some CSC chess boards and sets to the Chess in the Park project and to St. Cuthbert's Church for their new board games club for the homeless.

Everbody was very positive and extremely friendly. We are now looking to create a full training day in Glasgow as part of the 2018-9 tour, which will help to build on our success.

Chess in the Park at the Fountain Cafe

All great family fun! This project could - and should - be replicated all across the UK

All under the watchful gaze of Edinburgh castle
Presenting boards and sets to the cafe
Presenting sets, boards and other board games to the
Reverend Peter Sutton at St. Cuthbert's Church

Serious training sessions in action!

The Edinburgh Chess Congress in action

I was delighted to see my friend Andrew MacQueen

Thank you, Edinburgh. I will return!

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