Tuesday 7 June 2016

Park End Primary School Training (5)

Today brought the fifth and final training day in our special series at Park End Primary School. 

Over the course of the five days we have worked with virtually every member of staff. A unique project, instigated by Deputy Head Julia Rodwell, immediately establishing extremely strong chess roots all across the school.

Rumour had it that Park End had saved the best students until the final session. Was it true? Well, look; I don't want to start any trouble...
Mini-games with pawns
Deep thinking from the very start

A volunteer moves like a Bishop!

Diagonals only, please

Enjoying the strength of the dangerous Rook

A tough mini-game

Serious stuff
Moving like a Rook. Keep those lines straight!

The Queen joins the fun
Another Queen!
Moving majestically around the room
The afternoon brought the toughest pieces
Knight mini-games demand great concentration 
Castling by both sides! These students are great
Still concentrating - several hours later!
I thoroughly enjoyed my five days at Park End Primary School. There will be more to come in September...

Meanwhile, the feedback has all been very positive indeed, including these quotes from Julia:

'They have loved it! I am amazed by their enthusiasm.'

'One of our staff told me it has been the best training day they have ever been on!'

Mind you, one of today's students came out with the classic line: 

'It's just like bingo!'

Thank you, everyone!

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Our next general CSC Teesside Training Day is coming up next. Further details are available here.

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