Monday 27 June 2016

In Their Own Words (16)

My favourite part of chess is going to competitions and winning medals. I also enjoyed going to Barclaycard.

Freya (9)

Chess is the best game I have played. Do you have chess at home? Have you all enjoyed teaching your family?

Jake (9)

Chess is a game to improve your concentration. Also it takes skill and concentration.

William (9)

Chess is a fun game that you will always be in the mood for. I'm sure everyone might like a bit of chess.

Matthew (9)

I enjoyed going to Barclaycard because I won against an adult. The best game I played was when I played my friend and I won in four moves. The first game I won was when I was seven.

Elisia (9)

Chess helps me, because it builds up my memory, so when when we are in class I can remember what we've done. Also it helps if you know all the moves, because if you have a board at home you can play chess.

Charlie (9)

Chess is the best game ever in the world.

Tallern (9)

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