Tuesday 14 June 2016

ALMT: Whale Hill Wonders

As previously mentioned, funds from the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust have enabled CSC Teesside to provide a number of chess items for our chess players in the Gifted and Talented category.

Today I presented medals to six wonderful Y2 chess players at Whale Hill Primary School.

Farrell won the UK Chess Challenge in her class (with 21/21!) and then
played extremely well at the Megafinal, even qualifying for the Gigafinal 

Oliver, Billy and Lawrence were the top UK Chess Challenge
scorers in their Y2 class. They are also champion smilers.

Layla won her class UK Chess Challenge with a maximum score of 21/21.
Lily was Whale Hill's top Y2 player at the Megafinal and qualified for the Gigafinal.
More awards will follow soon...

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