Monday 13 June 2016

In Their Own Words (14)

Chess is a really fun game to play and I even play it at home. I beat my Dad.

Lillie (8)

Chess is the best lesson because it teaches me how to play. I have a chess board at home and I play games with my sister. 

Atalyia (8)

When I first learnt chess I was confused and I didn't know what to do. Also I was daydreaming when Mr Marsh was talking. I would like to go to Barclaycard to play different people. 

Now I am not daydreaming I am concentrating and working hard. When I was in Year 3 I was playing people and losing but now I am winning.

Kaci (9)

Did you know you have 16 pieces? Chess is the best game you can play when you are bored.

Ashton (8)

Chess is the best game I have ever played. Chess is fun. I felt really good when I beat one of the best players in my class.

At home I played chess with my Mam and Dad and I beat them. I played my sister. Sadly, she beat me.

Destiny (9)

I have learned more since we have started chess. Chess is the best game ever. I feel good at chess when I beat good people.

I enjoy teaching my family how to play.

Keaton (9)

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