Monday 13 May 2024

CSC Training Day Tour 2023-24: Liverpool

The CSC Training Day Tour returned to Liverpool on Saturday, for the first time since the Summer of 2021.

Back then, in a tiny window between lockdowns, the delegates were all masked (I still don't know what most of them look like).

This time, we encountered the hottest day of the year so far and were thankful for the venue's impressive air conditioning.

The venue in question was the magnificent North Liverpool Academy and we must immediately thank the Academy's Principal, Emily Vernon, for providing everything we needed with the minimum of fuss.

Catherine Lloyd and I teamed up with Rob Steele (CSC Merseyside Regional Organiser) for the day and we were joined by no fewer than 13 eager delegates.

We had a very good day and it will be interesting to see how the delegates will now put their new skills to use.

We conclude with a gallery from the day.

Thank you, Liverpool!

Forthcoming dates for the 2023-4 CSC Training Day Tour can be found here.

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