Monday 6 May 2024

The Seventh Teesside Megafinal: Results

The Seventh Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge Teesside Megafinal took place yesterday, at the magnificent Princess Alexandra Auditorium, situated at Yarm Senior School.

The event, which had been sold out for several weeks, attracted 150 entries not only from our local schools, but also from further afield.

Trophies, titles, medals and certificates were on offer and anyone scoring 3.5/6 or more would qualify for the Gigafinal stage of the UK Chess Challenge.

We will present a gallery from the day in the next blog post (tomorrow), but without further ado, here are the results from the various sections.


1st and Boys' Champion: Jayden Wang (Yarm), 6/6

=2nd Henry Bishop (St. Therese of Lisieux), 5/6

=3rd: Agam Vats (Yarm), Edward Williams (Yarm), 4.5/6

Also =3rd, and Girls' Champion: Florence Foster (Preston), 4.5/6

4/6: Arya Jafari (Yarm), Connor Sutton (Throston)

Also 4/6 and second in the girls' places: Shanaya Chauhan (Yarm)

3.5/6: Harrison Vanek (Yarm), Harry Piggford (Throston), Henry Hornsby (Preston)

Also 3.5/6 and =3rd in the girls' places: Zoyaa Soni (Yarm), Zoeya Alfaf (Yarm) and Jessica Sewart (Chorister)

3/6: Daniel Shavit (Yarm), Felicity Thompson (Yarm), Rosie Lowe (Yarm), Beatrice Robinson (Throston), Toby Howlett (Throston)

2.5/6: Karunya Garg (Yarm), Azaan Sharif (Yarm), Edie Thompson (Yarm), Safaa Raja-Sewart (Durham High School for Girls), Phoebe Campbell (Throston), Aiden Kelly (Throston)

2/6: Harman Gandotrakour (Yarm), Mehrsana Sekhavati (Throston), Hollie Dougherty (Throston)

1.5/6: Alice McBride (Throston)

1/6: Omran Soliman (Yarm), Hallie Lloyd (Throston)


1st: Shlok Maheshwari (Broomfields), 6/6

=2nd: Tashil Lakapura (Green Lane), Bradley Murphy (Holy Trinity), Daniel Sewart (Chorister), Dara Jafari (Yarm), 5/6.

4.5/6: Isaac Machin (Christ the King)

4/6: Frazer Clements (Wheatlands), Paari Muthukrishnan (Yarm), Fathe Cahal (Yarm)

3.5/6: Olly Rutter (Fairfield), Toby McNay-Prest (Holy Trinity), Elliot Brownless (Holy Trinity), Jack McAlpine (Holy Trinity), Hordiy Shchogolev (Castleton County Primary), Isaac Brette (Fairfield), Harrison Gurney (Yarm), William Garratt (Yarm), Rory Fitzgerald (Yarm), Tyler Curry (Oakdene Primary)

Also 3.5/6 and Best Girls: Freya Hind (Holy Trinity), Manha Abdullah (Yarm), Scarlett Yang (Yarm)

3/6: Ziad Salim (Yarm), Rosa Williams (Yarm), Hugo Kelly (Yarm), Isabelle Little (Throston), Hudson Raine (Holy Trinity)

2.5/6: Sandy Omar (Yarm), Harry Metcalfe (Throston), Thomas Stockton (Norton)

2/6: Henry Wilson (Norton), Christopher Potts (Norton), Reuben Snape (Whale Hill), Jack Smith (Holy Trinity), Edie Learman (Errington), Jacob Fox (Throston), Ralph Ellis (Yarm)

1.5/6: Andres Oliver (Yarm), Emmie Llewellyn (Norton), Isaac Donnison (Throston)

1/6: Emmanuel Iyobusa (Norton), Harper Crowe (Throston), Lucas Phelps (Norton)

0/6: Nicolas Giles (Throston)


1st and Girls' Champion: Aashita Roychowdhury (Little London), 5.5/6

=2nd and also = Best Boys: Samuel Stevenson (Ian Ramsey), David Rosca (Northfield), Zhuoyi Lin (Yarm), Henry Stanley (Yarm), David Llewellyn (RGS Newcastle)

=2nd Girls: Lolwa Soliman (Yarm), Kaira Nalawade (Yarm), 4/6

4/6: Monty Van Niekerk (Yarm), George Butterworth (Thornaby Library)

3.5/6: Khadeeja Raja-Stewart (Durham High School for Girls), Frankie Smart (Norton), Miles Page (Yarm), Jesse Havelock (Hemlington Hall), Deborah Onabajo (Norton), Eric Pinedo Fuentes (Yarm), Griff Williams (Yarm), Ravleen Singh (All Saints), Kavan Sidhu (Yarm)

3/6: Lila Thompson (Norton), Aimee Fletcher (Norton), Isaac Brown Norton)

2.5/6: Anirudh Ginagunta (Yarm), Anwita Dara (Yarm), Mason Doherty (Norton), Jade Stockton (Norton), Muhammed Wahaj (Yarm), Sricharan Rajaram (Yarm)

2/6: Emma James (Hemlington Hall), Evie Davis (Norton), Libby Betts (Throston), Anila Sunkavalli (Yarm), Penny Boyes (Whale Hill)

1.5/6: Lincoln Whitwell (Norton), Harrison Covell (Yarm)

1/6: Hollie Hindmasrh (Norton), Erin Goh (Yarm)

0.5/6: Jasmine Emers (Norton)

U-18s/U-14s (Combined Section)


1st and Boys' Champion: Sagar Patil (Yarm)

2nd: Alfie McBain (Easingwold Outlook Academy)

3rd: James Mann (Northfield)

2/6: Morrison May (Conyers)

1/6: Noah Coulman (Yarm)

0/6: Jake Gray (Outwood Bydales)


1st and Boys' Champion: Harry Tennant (Queen Elizabeth College)

2nd: Aryan Nalawade (Yarm)

=3rd: Harris Wilson (Stokesley), Callum Hodgkiss (Lawrence Jackson)

3.5/6: Rhys Orton (Teesside High), Joseph Machin (Ingleby Manor)

Girls' Champion: Alice Sturman (Prior Pursglove), 3/6

2.5/6 Tom Brough (Prior Pursglove)

...and finally, here is Harvey the cat, who often wanders across to the auditorium to see what is going on.

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