Saturday 26 June 2021

Training Day Tour 2020-21: Liverpool

The CSC Training Day Tour of 2020-21 was reduced to a single physical date.

That is not to say we have been inactive on the training front; far from it. We have delivered numerous training days online since the eruption of the COVID pandemic and such days helped to keep us very active in our schools, albeit mainly in remote fashion.

Nevertheless, the single physical date was a particularly important one as it took me to the vibrant city of Liverpool to deliver a training day there for the very first time.

Liverpool's Regional Organiser, Jenny Long, worked very hard to make the such a success. For the first time, a CSC Regional Organiser had to ensure that all of the COVID protocols were in place to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

Here is a gallery from our enjoyable day.

A return to Liverpool is on the cards for 2022.


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