Sunday 12 June 2022

9th Teesside Individual Chess Championships: Report

All photographs © Johannes Grundmann

The Teesside Individual Chess Championship tournament was the last of our annual events to be resurrected following the dreadful lockdown years.

Last held in 2019, when we had no idea what the world had in store for us, the event made a triumphant return yesterday, with 109 entries from a large range of schools.

Yarm Preparatory School once again hosted the event in exemplary fashion. Indeed, they have consistently helped us to break down barriers over the course of many years. They continue to unselfishly share their facilities and expertise to help us present events of the highest calibre for the benefit of all Teesside chess juniors.

We had big sections for Under-9s and Under-11s, plus a special section for Over-11 players.

There were tough title battles in all three sections. As always, we did not use any form of tiebreak system to split the main places. Our way of doing it always costs us far more in terms of extra trophies and medals, but it ensures everyone receives what they have earned on the day.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the event such a great success.

The next big local tournament will be the 27th Yarm Team Chess Championship, one of the longest-running series of chess events in the world. Details will be circulated at the start of the Autumn term (here is what happened last time).


1st: Miles Page, 5/5

2nd: Can Sezen, 4.5/5

=3rd: Isaac Machin, Oscar Tindle, Henry Stanley, Fathe Chahal, Rosajean Bowstead, Kaira Nalawade, Evelyn Ward, all 4/5

3.5: Joseph Dodds

3/5: Luca Sidgwick, Isaac Brette, Stan Dugdale, Eric Fuentes Pinedo, Lolwa Soliman, Ossie Kensey, Rory Fitzgerlad, Kavan Sidhu, Vedh Arcot, Tyler Beazley, Fletcher Hoyland, Avik Bhattarai

2.5/5: Joel Pringle, Maddison Green, Harry Metcalfe

2/5: Orlaith Rooney, Poppy Carney, Ava Woodhouse, Dax Cullingford, Faith Anderson, Sadie Rooney, Joey Southgate, Daisy Callaghan, Olly Rutter, Finlay Wilkinson, Rosa Williams, Manha Abdullah, Phoebe Barznji

1.5/5: Opal Ridgway, Anika Sunkavalli, Anwita Dara

1/5: Isabelle Little, Robyn Weston, Francesca Blythe, Tyler Hanson, Aiden Smith, Penny Boyes

0/5: Alia Tutinchy, Jonty Glancey



1st: Alfie McBain, 5/5

=2nd: Zane Barznji, Flynn Gorton, Tristan Green, Nethuki Mudduwa, Anjali Ramisetty

3.5/5: Waleed Ahsan, Daniel Main

3/5: Brodie Lee Beaumont, Matthew Ward, Griff Williams, Jake Gray,
Sam Stevenson, Felicia Jude, Gowtham Rajeev, Edie Redhead-Sweeney

2.5/5: Alexander Thompson, Thomas Powell, Monty Ridgway, Miguel Ramos

2/5: Tristan Bellabarba, Holly Swales, Luke Palmer, Udham Chahal, Antonia Cutting, Arthur Outterside, Neev Sahoo, Sid Suryadevara

1.5/5: Lucia Chahal, Sumi Kumar

1/5: Avighna Arvind, Willow Thompson, Aween Tutinchy, Oskar Rooney, Annabelle Lyver



1st: Sagar Patil, 5/5

2nd: Natasha Pointon, 4/5

3rd: Joseph Machin, 3/5

2/5: Alice Sturman

1/5: Omhle Lulamu Sibanda

Summary of Teesside Champions

Under-9 Boy: Miles Page

Under-9 Girls: Rosajean Bowstead, Kaira Nalawade, Evelyn Ward

Under-11 Boy: Alfie McBain

Under-11 Girls: Nethuki Mudduwa, Anjali Ramisetty

Over-11 Boy: Sagar Patil

Over-11 Girl: Natasha Pointon

A gallery will follow in the next post.

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