Sunday, 10 October 2021

26th Yarm Team Chess Championship


After just over two years without an over-the-board tournament, we returned in style yesterday with the 26th Yarm Team Chess Championships at Yarm Preparatory School.

The enforced hiatus may have dampened our chess spirits for a while but we were delighted to bring one of the world's longest running tournaments back onto the calendar.

Little did we know, when we had the 25th Yarm Team Chess Championships back in October 2019, what the world had in store for us.

64 children - one for each square on the chessboard - participated in the event, in a big statement of strength and unity as we continue our battle against adversity.

For this comeback event, we merged the Under-9 and Under-11 sections to produce one big celebratory tournament.

We expected a good turnout from Yarm School and they certainly delivered. I was particularly impressed at the bravery of Throston and Pennyman who supported the event with an excellent display of commitment and a very healthy attitude. 

All of the players gained excellent experience and they will be more than ready for their next chess challenges.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the event such an excellent and welcome success.


A gallery will follow in the next post. Meanwhile, here are the final scores.

26th Yarm Team Chess Championships

Final Scores

14 points: Yarm G (Top-placed Under-11 team) and Yarm J (Top Under-9 team)

13.5 points: Yarm A (Second-placed Under-11 team)

12: Yarm H (Third-placed Under-11 team)

11: Yarm B

10.5: Yarm D, Yarm E, Yarm F

10: Throston, Yarm C

9.5: Yarm K: (Second-placed Under-9 team), Yarm I

8.5: Pennyman A

7: Yarm L  (Third-placed Under-9 team)

6.5: Yarm M

3.5: Pennyman 3.5


I suggest we believe in the youth of today, ensure they have plenty of opportunities for enrichment and present them with more positive role models.

Then, when the time comes, stand back and watch them make a better job of everything than our own generation has ever managed to do.

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