Sunday 12 January 2020

CSC Training Day Tour 2019-20: Hull

The inaugural Hull training day of 2019 was one one of the most enjoyable and productive on last year's tour and I had been looking forward to returning to the famous and underrated city in 2020.

Regular readers may recall my further expeditions to Hull in order to work at both the Summer School of Chess and the English Women's Championship.

For once, the stars aligned on the previous evening and my three trains from Teesside connected in seamless fashion, meaning I had just enough time to buy a last-minute ticket to see an extraordinary performance of Swan Lake at the Hull New Theatre.

Just as last year, the James Reckitt Reading Room (upstairs at the Hull Central Library) was our home for the day. The staff were very friendly and highly efficient; we were made to feel very welcome.

It was wonderful to meet the new delegates, who came not only from Hull, but from far and wide. The youngest was 15; he already wants to help the younger generation with their chess development.

Dan Staples (CSC's Head of Safeguarding & National Library Coordinator and Yorkshire Coordinator) was there to meet the delegates and I was delighted to be reunited with Jo Hutchinson, who was there as the official training assistant. Jo's journey with CSC is ongoing but it all started with the 2019 Hull Training Day. A lot has happened in a year.

All of the delegates fully entered into the spirit of the day and we will now work together to see what future chess adventures we can share.

Thank you, everyone!

Here are a few captured moments from the very enjoyable day.

Mini-games in action

There is always something interesting going on the library. This exhibition was downstairs .

The doorway to another world
Written work!

The reference library was full of books about Napoleon

Group discussion

Staircase to another world
We enjoy balconies and would like more venues to have them

Crusher Chess. Only one king will survive the final crush!

More tour dates are already open for business and new dates will be added soon. Head here for further details.

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