Monday 20 January 2020

London Crew Reunited

The crew of the famous London Expedition of 2019 were reunited last night for a very enjoyable celebratory evening.

We revisited Hollywood Bowl and Pizza Hut, two of the venues utilised as part of our secret preparation back in November.
It looks like I may have told one joke too many...

The juniors and adults had quite different bowling styles
Catherine was the evening's top scorer. She had so many strikes
we were starting to think she must be Arthur Scargill in disguise
Of course, we liked to give the juniors a chance...

...but then we sometimes liked to proved to the juniors who is boss
My previous blog report was from the Isle of Man. This time it appears to be from the Isle of Woman
With our heroes
The chess players turn all Shakespearean. '2p, or not 2p...'

Let us now take a look at the final scores.

Who won?

Adults 413, Juniors 375 (last time it was Adults: 389, Juniors: 366 - so we must all be improving!).

Thank you, everyone, for an excellent evening.

Plans are now afoot for the next reunion!

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