Thursday 5 September 2019

2019 English Women’s Championship (2): Festival Events

Yesterday we covered the magnificent Brain Jar event featuring WGM and IM Jovanka Houska. The late addition of the mint hot chocolate to the agenda meant Jovanka had to cut it fine to catch her train away from Hull.

Jovanka had pointed the way to a brighter future and plans are afoot for a collaborative plan...
Today we focus on some of the other parts of the chess festival - as seen through my own eyes - and we will conclude tomorrow with some moments from the tournament itself.

Immediately after the Brain Jar experience it was all systems go as I had to make the final preparations for my new talk - the appropriately titled To Hull and Back.

Chris always gives me a great introduction,
partly because I write down what I want him to say
While I make a late alteration or two to the script, Chris takes the
opportunity to instruct people to get out while they still can
'The weekend starts here!'
Would you buy a secondhand chess set from this man?
'To Hull and Back' was well-received, so I went on to deliver
'32 Years on 64 Squares' immediately afterwards
There are rarely elephants left in the room when I'm on; nobody is safe during my talks
Meanwhile, back at the tournament...
The tournament hall is ready for the first round!
Chess and Bridge very kindly supplied a copy of CHESS Magazine to all competitors
(and it just happened to be the one featuring my report on the Teesside Women's Tournament)
The first of two magnificent chess cakes, although this one apparently lacks a key piece

Between duties I even managed to fit in a trip to
Carver's - for the first time in 35 years

I enjoyed analysing the games of the players, together with Richard and Tim
I also enjoyed meeting my excellent friends, including Rayelynn, Jo...
...Aga and Milo!
IM Palliser playing many games simultaneously, against a pleasant quayside backdrop
The second chess cake provided more food for thought
Richard lost only one game - to Richard Atkinson -
and drew with host Stephen Greep
It was wonderful to meet new people, such as Nadege, who was
very keen to solve problems and to play more unusual games

Nadege finds the answer to a tough problem while Tim looks on.
All smiles and unwavering positivity; exactly my sort of person.
More smiles, more positivity; from Milo, too!
Peter and Michael ensured the juniors had plenty of excellent coaching
The irrepressible Tim Wall managed to set up a room
to deliver live commentary on the tournament games
Stay tuned to this channel for the concluding part of my coverage, which should follow tomorrow.

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