Monday 13 January 2020

'The Magic Of Chess Is...That It Leaves No Time For Prejudice'

The London Chess Conference, which was a very important part of the 11th London Chess Classic festival, brought forward many ideas, initiatives and sparkling personalities from all around the world.

I was heavily involved in the conference in my roles as Deputy Director and as Chairperson for numerous sessions. I can therefore say with confidence that one of the most remarkable presentations came from Kineke Mulder, who is achieving marvellous results with her outdoor chess activities in Vienna.

Kineke's endeavour, enthusiasm and presentation has certainly been one of the aspects of the weekend that has attracted the most attention, post-conference. We will return to the project later with further coverage but for now here is a self-explanatory video created by the remarkable Kineke.

The first one contains a line which really sums up the ethos of the project: 'The Magic Of Chess Is...That It Leaves No Time For Prejudice.'

There is no reason why this excellent and altruistic initiative cannot be replicated everywhere.

All of the inspirational videos on Kineke's Chess Unlimited YouTube channel can be found here.

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