Monday 28 October 2019

New International Chess Challenge

Now we are halfway through the first term of the new school year it is time to start a new international chess challenge.

Richard Catterall of Hutt International Boys' School in New Zealand has emailed the first move from their Class 7S to me which I have played against the Year 5s at The Links Primary School in Eaglescliffe.

Their opening move was the very traditional 1 e4.

The Links have now replied with 1 ...e5, which is one of the best and most popular replies, so the game is now underway.

Hutt International Boys' School (New Zealand) v The Links (England)

Further updates will soon follow.

Meanwhile, the first game between Yarm Senior School and Hutt International Boys' School has now concluded.

This was the position just after Yarm played 16 Qe2. See this earlier post for the preceding moves of the game.

Yarm Senior School (England) v Hutt International Boys' School (New Zealand)
The position is winning for White and Black managed just a couple more moves before conceding the game.

16 ...Nc6

17 0-0-0 a6

18 Nf4

...and Black now resigned (1-0). White is almost a full queen ahead and Black's defeat is inevitable.

A return is now underway and we will catch up with the action in the near future.

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