Thursday 17 October 2019


Today we ran trial chess sessions at the River Tees Multi-Academy Trust ('RTMAT') in Middlesbrough.

The Multi-Academy Trust provides education and support for learners who are not currently accessing mainstream schools.

We engaged with children of various ages from Primary to Secondary and also enjoyed seeing numerous members of staff getting to grips with our mini-games. 

There was plenty of healthy competition to be seen, especially in the games between the pupils and the teachers.

Headteacher Leanne Chilton participated in the sessions and played plenty of mini-games too.

We were made very welcome throughout the school, especially when the tea and chocolate appeared.

Thank you to Leanne, the staff and pupils for a fine day of chess and special thanks to Catherine Lloyd, who bravely acted as chess assistant for the day.

We are now awaiting feedback and if the day is judged a success we fully intend returning for more.

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