Thursday 7 February 2019

The Return of the Chess Wizards

A year has flown by on its broomstick since the inaugural appearance of the Chess Wizards but time has little meaning to the extremely old mystical men.

We (Sean Cassidy and myself) were back in action last night at the Stockton Library Harry Potter Evening, casting our chess spells on a whole range of other wizards, witches, Harry Potters, Hermiones and even the occasional Muggle.

We gave out various books, medals and magazines kindly supplied by CSC HQ.

Numerous parents expressed an interest in having CSC start at their schools so, with the mere wave of a wand, we were able to produce promotional material out of thin air.

Thanks to a special spell, I will let the photographs speak for themselves to tell you how busy we were and how much fun we had.

Thank you very much, Stockton Library, for inviting us to take part in this very special event and to Yarm Prep. School for very kindly loaning us their big chess set.

Photograph © Brian Whitaker

Photograph © Brian Whitaker
Our chess boards were filled with magical and amazing people and extraordinary moves. 

The Chess Wizards will return in 2020!

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