Sunday 24 February 2019

International Chess Challenge: The Kings Gambit!

As previously mentioned, two of our schools are currently engaged in an international chess challenge with Hutt International Boys' School in New Zealand.   

The half-term break rather got in the way of the match against Park End, which will hopefully resume this week.

Meanwhile, the game featuring Yarm Senior School has already had some very interesting opening moves.

1 e4 e5 2 f4

Yarm Senior School v Hutt International Boys' School

This opening is called the King's Gambit.

White is offering a pawn sacrifice to open attacking lines for his pieces and to tempt Black to move away from the centre.

It is a risky opening because White not only goes a pawn down but also creates some weaknesses around his own king.

2 ...exf4

There are various to decline the gambit but Black is happy to accept the pawn. This usually leads to a very sharp game, with attacking chances for both sides - and often some interesting sacrifices are in the air.

3 Nf3 g5

This move looks rather extravagant but it is one of the main variations of the King's Gambit. Black is hoping to keep his extra pawn defended.

4 h4

White does not want Black to stabilise the position and makes an immediate challenge to the structure.

Black to move

We look forward to seeing more moves over the course of the week.

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