Thursday 1 February 2018

Project 30: Harry Potter Chess Evening

Project 30 joined forces with Stockton Central Library and the CSC to bring a touch of chess magic to the library's Harry Potter Evening.

Three wizards (Rachel Scott, Sean Cassidy and me) were all ready for the challenge and we were helped by Prep. Yarm School, who very kindly loaned their patio chess set for the special occasion.

The chess board itself was made by another magical figure, known only as 'Mike of the Library'.

Three hours of total fun followed as children and parents rotated through a very impressive amount of activities provided by the library.

As the photos will show, we proved yet again that even in this advanced year of 2018, chess is still a magical adventure for wizards of all ages.

According to this young apprentice, the secret to success on the big chess board was to stir the contents of her prize chess book with a special she presented Rachel with a unicorn hat and put her under a spell to continue stirring for the next 20 minutes. Rachel duly obliged!

What a remarkable evening! Thank you to Stockton Central Library, all of the many children and adults who participated and, of course, to my magnificent wizard accomplices, Rachel and Sean.

Let's do it all over again next year!

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