Wednesday 26 September 2018

In Their Own Words (Series Three, Part Five)

I enjoy the chess tournaments as they are hard but fun! I also enjoy playing games with my friends and the worksheets with checkmate puzzles. I enjoy it all!

William (11)

I've learned that chess is easier than it looks. When I first started I didn't know what I was doing but now I know how to play a game.

Ayla (11)

I enjoy the checkmate in one move puzzles as they help me test my skills. I enjoy playing people in my class because I can see how my skills are against their skills.

James (11)

Chess is one of my favourite lessons because it is fun.

Daisy (7)

I really like chess. I liked it when I got my friend in check. I enjoy our chess books because sometimes there's tricky challenges. 

I got a chess set for my birthday and I play my family and I beat my cousin.

I have learned loads of stuff because of our amazing teacher.

Lacey (8)

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