Friday 14 September 2018

In Their Own Words (Series Three, Part Two)

I love playing chess because it is easy and it is better than sitting on an iPad all day. I am an expert and I got a bronze medal.

Katie (7)

When I play chess I fell happy and excited and over the moon. Chess is a little bit hard and a thinking game.

Lily (9)

Chess has been fun. The bets thing was seeing how well people do in chess and to see people play their best. It has been fun getting to play in tournaments, going against the best players in the class. I was helped by the chess problems and workbooks.

Grace (11)

I really like chess because it is very calm and peaceful. I really try hard to master the moves and it is really fun. There are also really good online games that help me with my moves and games. I really like chess and everything about it!

Sophie (11)

I enjoy doing chess because it is a lot more fun than sitting doing writing. Chess gets your brain working really quick which can help you to think. My favourite part of chess this year was the tournament because it was fun to play against your friends to see who would do better.

Corey (10)

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