Saturday, 6 August 2016

In Their Own Words (20)

I enjoy chess because it is a great game, it needs concentration and when you play with your friends it is really fun. I enjoy learning chess because I am learning things I never knew before, which can help me later on in my life. Chess is a great one-to-one game which needs concentration and brain power. You can play chess anywhere as there are travel chess sets and apps which allow you to play chess.

My favourite memory of chess is when I was playing with my friend and I realised we had been in check over 10 times without realising. I also have a memory of playing in a class tournament. I got 12 points! My chess teacher tells strange but funny jokes.

Overall I enjoy chess very much and I hope in the future I can play more chess.

Ellanor (10)

I love chess because it is really fun and I like learning how all the pieces move. My favourite piece is the pawn. I like playing against other people. I like a good challenge. I think chess is a good hobby. I also love playing chess at home.

I love working with my chess teacher. He is very funny. I also love it when I win against big challenges but that's only happened once.

Sienna (10)

I have been doing chess since I was in Year 4. I like chess because it calms me and it is a really fair game. And before Easter we had a competition and everyone got amazing scores, including me! Our chess teacher is a lot of fun.

Amy (10)

I like chess because it's fun and it calms me down on a stressful Friday morning.  It helps me learn my coordinates and also makes my brain work. I practice at home in my spare time with my chess set that I got at my birthday party.

Our teacher is very funny because he makes lots of jokes up that make us laugh. Some of the quizzes he gives us are very hard but some are quite easy. I like when we do chess challenges even though I never win - and I've done it for two years now.

Adaeze (10)

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