Friday, 5 August 2016

In Their Own Words (19)

The best thing about chess is that I can play with my friends. I also like our teacher because he's fun. I enjoy learning about the pieces and I enjoy working out the puzzles on the big board. My favourite piece is the queen because she can move anywhere.

Jake (10)

I like chess because it is fun and it makes me think. Chess is fun because you play people and that makes it fun.

Kane (10)

I like chess because our teacher teaches show me lots of new problems to solve. It is fun to play and you can play people around the country you don't even know. I am proud of myself because last year and this year I was just one point off qualifying for the Megafinal.

Liam (10)

I like chess because it is challenging and it is a quiet type of game. Also our teacher is the best because he pushes you to your limits and that is really nice if him. Thank you! Chess is a really good game and when you get really good at it you get to go to competitions and you get a certificate of taking part. It is my favourite board game.

Imogen (10)

I like chess because it can be challenging and easy and I like challenges because it is fun. I win a lot of my games. Well, most of them. And I like all the pieces and designs.

Ryan (10)

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