Thursday, 4 August 2016

In Their Own Words (18)

When you go to a chess tournament you find your team and try and think of the way you are going to win. Then you find where you sit and find out your opponent. Then it's lunch. After lunch you have another game (games usually last half an hour). Then it's home time.

Lillie (9)

I like chess because it is really fun as I may lose a lot - although practice makes perfect. Although it is really hard I do really like it. In Year 5 I tried and tried to get through to the Megafinal but I was a few points away, but it doesn't really matter. It's not the end of the world.

Abbi (10)

Chess helps me with my coordinates and gets me better at playing. I like playing because it is a very fun game to play. You should play it one day.

Curtis (9)

I like chess because it gives my mind a challenge and it is entertaining. You pay lots of attention to your mind. Out teacher is very funny and he persuades you to play and we all have a good time.

Sophie (10)

Chess is a good game to do. It is an amazing game because you can play each other and it's fun.

Grace (9)

The thing I like about chess is there is no winner or loser and you can play with your family and friends. I also like learning with our teacher because he makes lessons fun. The thing I dislike about chess is the tournament because you can't talk and if they do something wrong you can't tell them.

Ryan (9)

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