Tuesday 19 July 2016

Wonderful Wheatlands

As the Summer sun finally emerges from the dark shadows, so the school term issues its last hurrah. Just one day remains for most of our schools (some already brought their term to an end last Friday).

Today was a very interesting day. Quite by chance, I met no fewer than five unrelated friends I had not expected to see (two on the same bus). Three of them I had not seen for a couple of years at least. Strange coincidences.

Chess-wise, I had a wonderful day with two big classes of children at Wheatlands Primary. 

It was the last day of the school year at Wheatlands but that didn't mean a dip in efforts. The children worked hard and played hard. Time flew by - as it always does - and before we knew it the sessions were over once more.

It may sound crazy, but working with remarkable people every day makes me very reluctant to see the Summer break arrive.

Ella solved this Quest Problem. The Queen must capture all of
the pawns but must capture one on every move until there are none left.
There is only one correct sequence. Can you find it...?
I played Molly's father, Michael, several times back in my own junior days

The unusual position is due to this being a game of Crusher Chess.

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