Sunday 17 July 2016

CSC Teesside at the Manchester Gigafinal

CSC Teesside were out in force at the Manchester Gigafinal.

The Gigafinal is the third phase of the Delancey UK Chess Challenge. We had more players in action this year than ever before, due to the Megafinal being held on Teesside for the first time.

Details for the forthcoming Terafinal can be found here. Section winners qualify for the main event and anyone else occupying one of the first three places at a Gigafinal qualifies for the Challengers section. Other players, scoring 3.5 points or more, qualify for the Plate section.
David Hardy, Glenn Trueman and me manning
the CSC stall at the Manchester Gigafinal.
There are six rounds at Gigafinals and the players score one point for a win, half a point for a draw and zero for a defeat.

Most of our children were playing at such a high level for the very first time. There are no easy games at Gigafinaks and it is very important to manage expectations both before and during the event. The experience gained is the most important aspect of the tournament.

The full results can be found here:

Under-7s - Under-10s

Under-18s - Under-11s

Here is a summary of the CSC Teesside and Yarm School scores. 'Q' denotes a player has qualified for one of the three Terafinal events.

All CSC Teesside players were assisted with their transport expenses thanks to a generous donation from the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust.

U-7 Girls

3.5: Christy Howe (Throston) Q
3: Farrell Scott (Whale Hill)
1: Lily Tattersall (Whale Hill)

U-7 Boys

1.5: Aryan Nalawade (Yarm)

U-9 Girls

2: Ella Francis (Wheatlands)

U-8 Boys

2.5: Ajay Selvan (Yarm)
1.5: Carlton Nevison (Sacred Heart)
0.5: David Ciobanu (Mill Lane)

U-9 Boys

4: Yusuf Syed (Yarm) Q
3: Ellis Andersson (Wheatlands)
2: Charlie Peirson (Ings Farm)
2: Nathan Li (Whale Hill)
0: Benjamin Clayton (Westgarth)

U-10 Girls

3: Leia McCusker (Westgarth)
3: Charlotte Robinson (Westgarth)
2: Lili Grace Giles (Westgarth)
1.5: Keya Shah (Yarm)

U-10 Boys

3.5: Ammar Soni (Yarm) Q
2.5: Gaurav Kannan (Yarm)
2.5: Rahen Mohammed (Billingham South)
2: Finlay Wardle (Ings Farm)
0: Samuel Robinson (Westgarth)

U-11 Boys

5: Ihsaan Mahmood =3rd Place Q
3.5: Edward Adams (Yarm) Q
3: Benjy Millward (Throston)
2.5: Jake Meager (Yarm)
1: Ben Salter (Whale Hill)
1: Shrish Nair (Yarm)

U-11 Girls

3: Caitlin Anderson (Westgarth)

U-12 Boys

3.5: Abhinav Ramisetty (Yarm) Q

U-14 Boys

2: Adam David Lim Wright (Yarm)

We are very proud of the achievements of all our players, regardless of how many points they scored. They are all fine ambassadors for Teesside and they spread their smiles wherever they go.
Photo © Katie Tattersall

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